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Pet Vaccinations

At Express Vet NM, we believe that starting your pet on the right vaccination schedule early is one of the keys to a long and healthy life.


Many of the diseases that can affect dogs and cats are preventable through proper pet vaccinations. Starting your pet on the right schedule early is one of the keys to a long and healthy life.

Depending on your pet’s age, medical history, lifestyle, and environment, our veterinarians will discuss the best course of action in regard to your pet’s vaccine schedule. You can bring your cat or dog in as early as eight weeks for his or her first round of vaccines.

What are core vaccines?

1. Distemper/parvo (DAPP)
For adult dogs and puppies over six weeks of age. We are seeing an uptick in the number of deadly distemper cases in our region. Parvovirus is another deadly organism that can cost your pet its life. If your pet has never been vaccinated, or you’re unsure of their vaccination status, you will need to return to have one or more booster vaccinations.

2. Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis/Calici/Panleukopenia (FVRCP)
Recommended for all cats and kittens six weeks of age or older and then every 3–4 weeks until 16–20 weeks of age.

3. Rabies
State and County require that your cat or dog is vaccinated for Rabies, as this is a matter of public safety. If your pet were to bite someone or another animal, they are required to quarantine, and the type of quarantine is based on their vaccination status. Fines from the County may also be incurred if your pet is not properly vaccinated for Rabies.

What are elective vaccines?

1. Bordetella

Required or recommended for dogs 12 weeks or older for grooming, dog parks, boarding facilities, or common contact with other dogs. If this will be your pet’s first bordetella vaccine, they will need a booster vaccine in 3-4 weeks. They will need a yearly booster, thereafter.